Products: Yarn, Roving, Fleece

We have the following products in stock, but our inventory changes weekly. Please call or email for availability. We do not take orders from the website.

Alpaca Fleece: Prime fleece, skirted. - $20 per pound. We have raw prime alpaca fleece in all colors except silver grays. Microns will range from 18 to 24; we offer only the finest fleeces. Our herd overall is very fine. Some older females can be a bit coarse; we send those to the fiber cooperatives. #2 Fleece - or any of the coarser prime, if in stock - for felting projects, rugs, etc. $10 per pound.

Expect to lose about 15% of the weight, more or less, in washing. Washing available at $6 per pound.

Finn-Dorset/Tunis sheep fleece: Raw fleece, skirted and sorted - $1 per pound. Some black is available (this processes into a dark brown, please see photos of roving). Pure Tunis fleece has a creamy color, and may not end up bright white, more eggshell. Expect to lose 50% of the weight in processing. We do not offer washing for sheep wool. The coarser, more Dorset style wools go to the wool pool; we may have some available for rug wool.

Angora (rabbit): Limited quantities of white English or gray Satin angora, by the ounce, $4 per ounce. Very clean.

Alpaca: By the ounce, $4 per ounce. Baby soft, exquisite roving. Quantity discount over 1 pound.
White (Naomi)
Medium Fawn (Talisa) Has hints of gray in it.
Dark Fawn (Susie)
Dark Brown. (Pepita)
Limited amount of silver gray, true black, and rose gray.

Wool: By the ounce, $1 per ounce.
Bright white - Lamb fleece, very nice.
Rich chocolate brown - technically from our black sheep, but it processes brown.
Silvery gray/brown - really good for beginning spinners, not quite as soft as the white and brown, interesting color. Our older colored Finns fade to this color.

Blends: 50% alpaca/50% wool blend. $2.50 per ounce. Best of both worlds! Sturdy yet soft.
Maple Sugar (heathered fawn/white)
Espresso (dark brown).

$17.00 per skein
200 yard skeins, approx. 3.5 - 3.75 ounces, natural and dyed colors. Two ply, worsted weight yarn.
The names of the animals that follow the color function like dye lot numbers..

Solid colors:
white (Pearl) very bright
dark brown (Pepita) almost black
medium brown (Matty)**these skeins are only 185 yards, $16.00 each
medium fawn (Ecuador and Smokey Joe)

black & white (Ali and Frodo)
brown & fawn (Hershey and Fiona)

Barber Pole: bicolor, knits as a tweed
brown & white (Pepita and Pearl)
fawn & white (Coppertone and Frodo) Triple ply, heavier than usual.

Baby (sport) weight:
white, pink, blue (all Naomi)
fawn (Talisa)

Alpaca and Mohair Blends:
75% Alpaca, 25% Mohair $12/skein
Light Fawn or med. Brown, 2.5 oz. Skeins, approx 125 yds.

100% Mohair: $20/skein
Pure Mohair yarn, very glossy, in pearl, beige and med gray.
Approx. 175 yards per skein, 2 ply.

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