Party on the Farm!
Come celebrate at Springside Farm! Piglet and Diggy (our pot-belly pigs), Simon the llama and his alpaca friends, the bunnies and the whole gang of goats want to share your day with you. You provide the balloons and giggles.

Younger children are usually quite happy with our small animals – they love feeding the goats and sheep, and sitting in the bunny pen.

Attractions at Springside Farm:

  • Giant Slingshots - Launch apples at targets in the field – hit the bulls-eye, and the goats and sheep clean up the ammunition!
  • Ziplines - Our original 150 foot line, fun for all ages, and our new, 350 foot “Big Zipper”, guaranteed to knock your hat off!
  • Tube slide – 20 feet down the rabbit hole! No one falls off, but they do tumble out. And run around to do it over and over.
  • The latest element – Big Red, our giant slide, 160 feet of speed and thrill.
  • Pedal cars
  • Hay jump and Tarzan swing – timeless fun, under cover for any weather.
  • Low Ropes course – balance makes the difference!
  • Wagon ride around the farm, weather permitting.
  • Seasonally – party guests also get admission to our Maze Park, during the fall.
  • Picnic tables overlooking our beautiful valley

Resident Party Animals:

  • Simon the Llama (and whichever alpacas we choose)
  • Piglet and Diggy, pot-belly pigs
  • The goat gang: Jake, Norman, Diesel and Dash, Amelia, Sophie and Libby
  • The bunnies – Oreo, Shadow, Pumpkin and Mama
  • The farm cats – Callie, Thunder and Reno
  • The gentle giants, our Akbash guardian dogs who LOVE children
  • Various sheep and chickens

Most of these animals are in their second careers. Except for the sheep, alpacas, chickens and dogs, they all started out as pets somewhere else, and one way or another, found their way to us. They each have their story – we provide the part that says “and they lived happily ever after.”

$200 for about a 2 hour party with access to all amenities listed above. Please call for availability. We will reschedule if weather is inclement. We only schedule one party per day, and are not rigid about time. We reserve the right to ask participants who are unruly, unsafe or abusive to leave immediately. The farm is handicap accessible. We are a no smoking location.

For questions or scheduling, call 315-683-5860, ask for Paulie
We are also available as a petting zoo for festivals, fairs and other happy events.